Virtual City Numbers

A Virtual City Number is the best way to expand your business
or to allow family and friends to call you locally.

Virtual City Numbers start at just $2.45 /month (for a Canada, UK  or United States number).

International numbers very in price, but also start as low as $2.45 /month. 

Virtual City Numbers are available from any of the below list of cities.   

Don't find the city you are looking for? Send us a message, and we can always check if it is available.

Country Province / State City / Exchange
Country Province / State City / Exchange

* Any area codes listed are for reference purposes only.

Actual numbers issued could be in any of the active area codes covering the requested city. ie: A number request for Mississauga could have an area code assignment of 1-289, 1-365, 1-742 (future) or 1-905.

Depending on the location, some DIDs may be on carrier request, Carrier requested DIDs could take 2-10 business days to assign.