Phone Calls That
Follow You...

Your FollowMe Forward number redirects calls to the number(s) of
your choice - cell phone, business phone, home phone or wherever.
Also known as: Remote Call Forward (or single number reach).

Just one number to know... just one number to give out

Amazing Core Features

• Virtual City Number(s)
• Follow Me (to multiple numbers)
• Call Forward (to one number)
• CallerID (see who is calling you)
• Call Screen (prompt caller for their name)
• Call Privacy (prompt anonymous callers for their number)
• and more...

Three Great Plans

• The Worker Plan (forward 2 concurrent calls, no voicemail)
• The Boss Plan (forward 3 concurrent calls, plus voicemail)
• The Executive Plan (forward 5 concurrent calls, plus voicemail)

Each plan provides added features, and all for a great low rate!

Virtual City Numbers

A Virtual City Number is the best way to expand your business or to allow family and friends to call you locally. Add a virtual number from over 4000 cities across more than 50 countries.

Virtual City Numbers start at just $2.45 /month (for a Canada, UK or USA number). International numbers very, but also start as low as $2.45 /month.