How It Works

FollowMe Forward is very easy to use.
Simply give out your FollowMe Forward number, and we basically do the rest.

We will follow you and find you, no matter where you are. Just enter the list of phone numbers you wish us to

try and when you receive a call, we will forward to your list of numbers (ie: home, work, mobile)..

Below is an example of how the FollowMe Forward service works:

Receive a call...
Receive a call to your FollowMe Forward number.

Try your first number...
We check your list of numbers...
and try to reach you at the first number entered in your FollowMe list (ie: home).

Did not find you...
There was no answer at your first number,
so then we try the next number in your FollowMe list (ie: work).

Still looking...
Still did not find you,
so on to the next number in your FollowMe list (ie: mobile).

The end...
If we located you at any one of your FollowMe list numbers,
then the caller is connected to you.

If we did not locate you, and run out of numbers in your Follow Me list,
the caller is sent to voicemail (or stated as unavailable).